What Do Cross Dressers & Gay Men Have in Common?

I was reading an article in The Gay Times  asking the question on why do men crossdress. Not many of them stated that they were gay which got me thinking. Why do Cross dressers have such a strong tie with the gay community?
Perhaps it’s because only gay men accept us for who we are or maybe a large percentage of Cross dressers are gay anyway or at least bisexual! Whenever there is a gay parade there we are all kitted out in our short dresses, big colourful wigs and killer high heels marching down the street cheering along with the gay pride contingency.
gay-crossdresserWe tend to hang out in Gay bars and clubs and whenever there is special Tgirl event there is a fairly substantial gay entourage also to admire and encourage us.

So what is it that men wearing women’s clothes are such a big attraction to the Gay men?

Now don’t get me wrong I am sure there is a substantial heterosexual contingency who cross dress purely for self indulgence but I’m just trying to decide whether or not if it’s us that hang out with Gay men or if Gay men hang on to us?
I could be wrong but it’s my understanding that Gay men enjoy the masculinity of another man but I guess camp men do enjoy a lot of feminine touches. So are Crossdressers the ‘grey area’ of sexuality? They can sway from one side to the other and when it comes to relationships definitely ruffle a few feathers on both sides of the sexuality fence especially when we are looking to date a Crossdresser.
Should we be separated from the Gay community and go our own way striking up our own brand and embark on our own trail of democratic rights therefore removing the trend that every crossdresser in the world ‘sways the other way’ or should we embrace that of what is and continue to socialise and be associated with these men who admire us so caringly?

There seems to be a lot of crossdresser videos on youtube which reinforce this. I found a load of them at CrossdressingFreedom.com.

The only bars that are safe for crossdressers to enjoy the freedom of wearing women’s clothes are Gay and Lesbian bars. Some bars welcome us with open arms whilst others close their door tightly. Should this be a dilemma for us or should we thank our lucky stars that gay men are far more accepted in the modern world (some countries more than most) than us ladies and continue to embrace the fact that it’s a lot safer and friendlier being with them then without them.

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